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This is my page to share my hobbies and links to useful resources

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Ah My Goddess! ......The Anime Pages!,

Click Here for Pages with Info On Artwork Cels, Manga, Music, Anime Wallpapers, Cosplay, Images and Cool Links

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Dont forget to register for the Sakuracon Convention!!! Seattle's oldest and largest animation convention.

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The Hobby Pages!

Model projects: Hydroplanes, Cars, Motorcycles and Anime models. Modeling Tools, Tips and Tricks Too!

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The Japanese Culture Pages! Information about language, beliefs, customs, and links to interesting websites about Japan.

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The Art Gallery, Random images that capture my interest

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VW's: The Vintage Volkswagen page. Check out the Rust-o-ration of my 1957 oval window vw and info on the vintage volkswagen club.

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