HMS Rodney Feierabend

Patterned after the HMS Sheffield, a British Newcastle Class Cruiser and dedicated to my cousin Rod.

The model originally was the cargo ship, American Scout like the one here.
The WW2 Era HMS Sheffield
It sat as a bare hull for many years untill I found these plans for an RC combat ship, the Sheffield published in RC Boat Modeler Magazine.
The American Scout becomes the HMS Rodney Feierabend
The Rodney's launch and first sorte engagement on Silver Lake over 4th of July weekend 2009...Target Ship Destroyed...
What's Next? A camoflage colour scheme, working bb cannons, bilge pumps, smoke screen and sound. As always ships are a work in progress. For now it's enough for me to get the Rodney out on the water and fondly remember my cousing Rod who had many wonderful hobbies and taught us kids how to enjoy them too.
HMS Sheffield: A British Newcastle class cruiser of 9100 Tons displacement.

Launched in 1936. The Sheffield carried a compliment of 809 and was powered by eight Admiralty 3-drum oil fulled boilers providing a top speed of 32 knots.

Armaments: Nine 6 inch guns, Eight 4 inch anit aircraft guns, Sixteen 2-pdr pompom guns, twenty-two 40mm anti-arcraft guns, fifteen 20mm anti-arcraft guns and six 21 inch torpedo tubes arranged in two tripple mountings. Three aircraft also carried.

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