DPI Leasure Sports 1/12 Scale T-Plus Hydroplane Page

This electric hydroplane is a 31 inch long ABS plastic hull made by DPI Leasure Sports. DPI is no longer in business and the model has become quite collectable. My model is brand new in the box and below are the pics of the original boat, some advertisements and the beginnings of the construction. click on the thumbnail images for larger photos.

The 1995 U-2 T-Plus
Some great set ups on this modelers T-Plus
The T-Plus was a unique design, composed of a dual wing central air trap (you can see the rectangular holes in the center of the hull) The idea was to be able to trap just the right amount of air to go fast, yet prevent blow-overs if the boat got out of attitude. It had limited success but one unlimited light boat still uses this design. Overall its a great looking boat.
DPI T-Plus constuction owners manual (right click and "Save As" - Its a big file)
T-Plus promotional card
<---Click the image to see a custom made 1/10 scale racing version
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