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Kato's page of models, figures and tools that I have made for model building.

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Vinyl Model
Star Blazers/Yamato model
Scratch built model
My kits of Misty May from Otaku no Video
Aa Megami Sama! Models
Here are 3 Ah! My Goddess Terzetto version figures (Skuld, Urd, Belldandy) by Kaiyodo, Japan.

Models are by: Tomohide Enoki. This set is very difficult to obtain in Japan.

1. Belldandy released in September 2004 With Afternoon Monthly Manga magazine

2. Urd released in November 2004 Afternoon Monthly

3. Skuld released in January 2005 Afternoon Monthly

Sakura Taisen (wars) Models, figures and Kobukai Armor Suits
My Toy Display Cabinate with all sorts of stuff from my childhood......ok when I was younger...
Yeah, not Anime but I love making Star Wars Models too...
Red Dwarf Series Starbug
Speed Racer Mach V (5)
Ok, some of you were curious so here I am, Darth Model Builder and my 57' VW in my shop.
Model building Tips!
Cool Tools for Modeling, My home made spray booth, Badger 555 airgun and stand.
Anime Model Web Sites

Resin/vinyl figure kits, tutorials and more..... Modeling tips here Anime eye decals Model building tutorial/tips Info on Garage kits

For Info on modeling anime resin figure kits check out this great web site:

Magazines like Replicant and Figure Maniacs are good resources for building anime models. Hobby fan has these and more.

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