Welcome to the Tamiya RC Car Page!

On this page is my now vintage tamiya lancia RC Car. Kit number 58040.

It was my first truely proportional radio controlled model. This kit was made in the mid 80's and had one of the first one models to have and injection molded space age frame.

Here are some pics of the real Lancia rally car sponsored by Martini racing.

Here is my model with working lights

Click on the pics for larger images

Here is my Lancia Rally Car. Its seen alot of miles but its still screaming fast!
Here are some of the optional hop up mods. I have added ball berring races for the axles, Oil filled rear shocks, rear buggy spike tires and front sand rail tires. I also have spare transmission and differential axle parts. The red body is a 1994 VW Golf 3 painted just like my wifes car. I was afraid of breaking the now very rare Lancia body and have put it in my display case. I have added new steering suspension parts with chrome wheels and matching low profile tires.
Here is the original manual. Click on this image to view the manual.
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