The Squire Shop Hydro

Here you will find my MRP co. model of the 1979-80 Squire Shop driven by the now legendary driver Chip Hanauer and built by Norm Berg. This hydroplane and its sister, Miss Circus Circus had the unique "Bent Wing" design rear airfoil to give lift to the prop and control airflow under the boat.

Here are pics of the real boats including the Miss Circus Circus version of the Norm Berg design.
Here is the finished (or nearly finished) 1979 Squire Shop

In the bottom two pics, I have the fin style tail piece mounted. I still want to build a tilt trailer for it like the full size boat uses.

And here's the set up pics. Pretty much stock set up according to the manual with the exception of water cooling via a water pickup on the inside of the left sponson and a stronger turn fin canted about 10 degrees. The sponson bottoms have a "ride pad" as per the instructions and the balance point is approximately 1 and 3/4 inches aft of the sponsons. Radio used is the HiTec Lynx programmable radio and 3 channel receiver. Speed control is an unit (Victory series also programmable via a laptop pc. Battery is in the stock location in front of the 05 car motor but is 7 cels instead of 6. Steering servo goes through the transom of the boat instead of over it as the instructions indicated and the rear wings are filled with foam and sheeted in thin abs sheet materal for a more realistic appearance. Cowel hold down is a nylon threaded bolt with car body pin clip up front and rear eye bolt. Octura plastic props seem to work best on these models and I have a variety for different lake and weight conditions.
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My model along with my original 1979 Squire Shop belt buckle
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